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Other Animal Resources.

1. Animals/birds/reptiles residing in places where they are in close proximity to people like under decks, in oven or dryer vents, attics, etc.

Please read those sections in your hotline manual because we can give advice to the public. However, if professional help is needed to remove the critters, please refer the public to Humane Wildlife Solutions 1-866-948-6263. ldlife_services.html A link to them is located on the “Resources” page of “”. They are a locally based company serving DC, MD and northern VA. They are sanctioned by the US Humane Society and will work with the homeowners and the animals so the situation is a win-win. Please also tell the callers that WRL does not receive any gratuity from the company but we are recommending them because of their philosophy of doing no harm to the animals.

2. Free publications to the public

WRL also has a Mailout Coordinator, Cathy Epatko 703-437-3286 (home); (email). She can provide free information to the public on how to “critter proof” a house, and more detailed information on the behaviors of various animals and birds (Raccoons, foxes, beavers, groundhogs, deer, coyote, squirrel, Canadian geese, birds). Don’t forget to offer these to the public if you have a situation where you think the information would be helpful or the person seems interested. Get their contact information and relay it to Cathy. She’s great about sending info out promptly.

3. Websites

In your hotline manuals you should have an appendix with several websites listed for other rehabilitator sources. You can give those to the public as well. I know several of us have received calls from out of state.

4. Wild Neighbors book

This is a book that was just recently updated. It is about wildlife in an urban setting. It has great information. We have copies available for $25.00. Please contact Erika Yery (raccoon/fox rehabber)(703)549-4987 if you are interested in purchasing a copy.