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Calls about Injured Song Birds

If a member of the public calls about an injured song bird, please ask them to describe the injury. If they say they can see bone sticking through the skin, that bird will need to be euthanized.

Per Nora Missell — THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SMALL SONG BIRDS THAT SHE REHABS — there are two kinds of injuries that cannot be repaired, thereby requiring that the bird be euthanized. These are: 1) the bone is sticking through the skin and 2) if the break is in the joint. If the caller cannot tell is the injury is in the joint, refer to a rehabber.

The citizen should take the animal to their own vet or to the closest animal shelter for euthanization. If they describe other injuries — “I can see blood, the eyes are matted shut, etc.” — refer them to a rehabber.